Owner, Nolasoft Development and Internet Technology Expert

Jason Cross
Technology and Development Expert

I am a unique blend of technologist, marketer, and business manager. I possess a deep understanding of technology with an emphasis on Internet, mobile, social media, software development, and related subject matter, combined with hands-on leadership experience in business development, project management, team building, customer relations, brand marketing, SEO, social networking, and new media.

My Ventures

1999 - Present

Nolasoft Development
  • Works with clients on a broad spectrum of product, marketing and application development needs, including graphic design and code development for web sites, web applications, and mobile platform applications, leading companies through development process from concept to launch.
  • Built network of contractor relationships for graphic design, web coding and software development.
  • Provides server and hosting solutions for web, email, anti-spam, file sync, remote access and cloud services; builds SEO and social strategies to enhance brand marketing.
  • Designs and implements web-based enrollment systems for insurance, telecom, and e-commerce clients.


Good Shift
Chief Technologist

Good Shift is a training program for the hospitality industry.

SSL FastTrack

SSL FastTrack makes deploying SSL certificates easy.

AngryApps, LLC

AngryApps are fun little mobile apps featuring humorous animations and sounds with animals.  With over 4 million downloads worldwide, AngryApps has a wide install base with success in the app entertainment space.